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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


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When is print-on-demand right for an author?


It's true that I am not a fan of Print on Demand companies for a lot of authors. Their contracts can be confusing, and they can turn out to be bad for a successful author. However, it is sometimes just perfect for fiction, poetry and even memoirs. Plus, you can be your own print-on-demand publisher for a lot less! We can show you how.


If you do not want to own your own micro-publishing company, you don't have the money to produce an inventory and just want to have 25 books to give your friends or hand out at a business meeting, POD is for you. We can help you through the process of POD publishing too -- it can be confusing, and it can turn out to be a very bad deal for you if you don't know what the terms mean.


If you intend to produce a book that is going to market, you have hopes of selling a large quantity and you have the marketing dollars to back you up, POD is not right for you. The language of these contracts assumes you know the industry in many cases. Even though things seem easy and clear, I have never done a post publishing meeting with a POD author that really knew what all of the parts of the contract meant. And your lawyer doesn't know either. You need an industry professional to explain (either to you or to your attorney) what you are signing before you sign it. Our contract review, in person with you, takes about an hour and is only $150, but can save you $1000's.

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