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About Concierge Marketing Inc.


Concierge Marketing was born in November of 2004. That year, Lisa was asked by a longtime friend to help her self-publish her first book. 


And so many times since that first book in 2004, we've been part of an amazing birth time and time again -- the germination of an idea, the waiting and worrying, and the eventual delivery of a lifelong dream for many authors. It's a new experience every time, and we are truly honored to be part of it. We love the creative and operational processes, the books and especially, the dreamers.


CMI will help you publish a book that you will love! Others will love it, too. We will set you up as a true micro-publisher. You will own every aspect of your book, your company and your profits -- we are just there to help you through the process and get the tasks done for you.

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