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Misbehaving Nebraskans: An Eclectic Collection of Poetry, Stories, and Art


Nebraskans love to vigorously debate who we are—starting with our state slogans: “The Good Life” to the newer “Nebraska Nice.”


We joke about the phallic shape of our capitol building over lattes, defend the scent of western Nebraska’s ranches as the “smell of money,” and engage our radio talk-show hosts in intense discussions about what image should represent us on our license plates—cougars, elephants, or meadowlarks.


Nebraskans are ranchers and farmers, soldiers and officers, inventors and entrepreneurs, laborers and winemakers, world travelers and homebodies, artists and writers.


This Misbehaving Nebraskans collection is not the neat and tidy version of us. It’s gritty, authentic, painful, poignant, thoughtful, and honest. Creative Nebraskans from high school age to the seasoned (don’t call us old), and everywhere in between sent in their submissions, and selected judges had the honor of feasting on the entries like vultures at a roadkill buffet.


We saved the tastiest morsels for you. Enjoy!

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