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Here's what some of our clients are saying about us!

Jeff Beals

Self Marketing Power: Branding Yourself As a Business of One and Selling Saturdays: Blue-Chip Sales Tips From College Football


"There's no better way to produce a top-notch book quickly and affordably than to work with Lisa Pelto and her team at Concierge Marketing. She is an educator, guiding authors through the publishing process, while empowering them to make their own publishing decisions. I may have never started my profitable side-business in publishing if it weren't for Lisa's encouragement and highly competent support."


Winner of the IBPA Bill Fisher Award for Best First Nonfiction Book, Silver Recipient of ForeWord's Book of the Year Award, and Next Generation Indies Award

J.P. Hansen

The Bliss List and Pink Slips and Glass Slippers


"I would not be an Award-Winning, Bestselling Author of 4 books today without Lisa Pelto and her staff at Concierge Marketing. Beyond the more than two decades of book publishing experience, CMI brings a personalized approach to each author’s needs. This is rare in the book publishing business. CMI shepherds you from the idea phase to a professional book that rivals the big publishing houses. Then, CMI tailors a winning marketing campaign that maximizes your reach. If you have a burning desire to write a book, I strongly recommend you speak with Lisa Pelto today."


Winner of ForeWord Book of the Year Award, Next Generation Career Book of the Year Winner, Indie Excellence Award Finalist, USA Book News Award Finalist and an Amazon Bestseller in Romance

Janie & Roger Peterson

The Sleep Fairy, Mini Methods or Madness, and Heaven Cents series


"Lisa has exceptional energy and understands the crazy world of publishing and marketing books.  We would be lost without her.  She put together an incredible product for us and one that we believe will grab people's attention.  Lisa works very hard marketing our product and is a delight to work with.  She also takes care of a lot of the "little things" that can make a big difference in getting your product out to the consumer.  We have a very casual, professional relationship with Lisa and this is how we like to conduct business."


Winner of a Silver Mom's Choice Award and an iParenting Media Award

Mark Langan

Busting Bad Guys: My True Crime Stories of Bookies, Drug Dealers and Ladies of the Night



"Concierge Marketing helped make Busting Bad Guys an Amazon Bestseller in the true crime category. Great job by a fantastic staff!"


Amazon Bestseller in True Crime and Finalist in ForeWord IndieFab Book Awards

John Witzel

Saving Tres Rios


“I laid down a very rough book manuscript to CMI and just over six months later, besides being on, the book had earned high praise from a national book review organization—they are that outstanding in all aspects of publishing. Once an author engages with Lisa Pelto and her professional staff, put on your seat belt—they begin immediately processing the book for publication. Concierge Marketing is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the entire writer’s needs that includes editing, graphics, publishing and marketing. In addition, Lisa and her staff are professionals that guide the beginning author through all of the challenging stages of publishing. There is no way on God’s green earth my book would have ever been published and earned national acclaims if it had not been for the ‘above-and-beyond’ efforts of Concierge Marketing. Also, it is just plain fun working with them.”


Finalist in ForeWord IndieFab Book Awards

Jen Arricale

Healthy Recipes for a Busy Life


“When I first met Lisa and her staff at Concierge Marketing, I had already published one black and white book through a POD house, and was attempting to produce a full color cookbook on my own.  CMI guided me through the production phase and helped me buy printing affordably – the books are gorgeous!  They set up all of my accounts for industry compliance, sales and distribution, made me an independent publisher and configured an estore on my existing website. After publishing the book, they have been by my side for daily social media, website updates, analysis of metrics, and continuing promotion of me and my book.  I know they care a lot, and I truly feel like we are partners in this crazy business.”


Winner of a Silver Mom's Choice Award

Marilyn Coffey

Mail-Order Kid, Marcella, Thieves, Rascals and Sore Losers


“I published my earlier works in traditional ways, my novel Marcella with a New York publisher, Charterhouse, and a London publisher, Quartet; my memoir, Great Plains Patchwork with Iowa State University Press; a book-length poem, A Cretan Cycle with Bandanna Books, a small press in Santa Barbara CA.


Working with Lisa is a marvelous experience. She is as professional as any publisher I've worked with to date. Her Concierge Marketing exists to help writers in the self-publishing process. She hears what you want to do and helps you do it. I strongly recommend her. Five stars are not enough."


Winner of numerous publishing awards including the President's Award from the Orphan Train Rider's Society

Leon Weiland

Smell the Dirt: Life Lessons Learned From the Ground Up


“The service provided by Lisa and her staff has been exceptional.  Their encouragement and direction as taken me farther than I had ever expected.  I am looking forward to continuing my writing adventure.  I certainly intend to make them a part."

Elaine Pereira

I Will Never Forget: A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous and Humorous Journey through Dementia


"Concierge Marketing did an awesome job in behalf of my book I Will Never Forget.  Timing was critical as I was switching publishers and obviously didn’t want my book off-line for a lengthy period of time.  Not unexpectedly, there were several obstacles but the team handled all of them efficiently and professionally.  We went through several redesigned book covers but the final image was great! 


I appreciated their honest assessments and opinions when I asked but in turn they respected my 'absolutes' without trying to lobby differently.  They have a sense of humor that was delightful and on point when needed too."


Winner of an Indie Excellence Book Award


Larry Bradley

Neither Liberal Nor Conservative Be: An Action Plan for People Disgusted By Polarized Politics


“I had a book whose subject matter demanded an extremely short deadline for such things as interior and cover design, printing and promotion. Without the expertise, professionalism and dedication of Lisa Pelto my book would never have made it to market in time.”

Anne Fuller

Belle Boy: A Sister in the Rebel Ranks


"Concierge Marketing does an amazing job helping authors make their dreams a reality. Lisa Pelto and her staff are friendly and efficient. Every time I contact Concierge, the staff makes me feel as if my book is the highest priority of all the projects in which they are involved. Lisa runs the company like a talented conductor while the whole staff plays their roles in harmony and excellence. I am very pleased with the results of Concierge Marketing’s efforts on behalf of my book and look forward to continuing work with Concierge."


Finalist of ForeWord's Book of the Year Award and Finalist of Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal

Warren Francke

The Omaha Community Playhouse Story: A Theatre's Historic Triumph


"Years of research and writing on the 90-year history of the Omaha Community Playhouse was supported by the theater but did not result in publication until I began talking to Lisa Pelto at Concierge. She provided the expertise necessary to get the ball rolling with the Playhouse administration and Foundation. After meetings led to an agreement to get my work in print, we faced the challenge of turning a 200,000 word document into a more readable 145,000 word narrative. The editing help from Concierge resulted in a better book without depriving me of any control of what became "The Omaha Community Playhouse Story: A Theatre's Historic Triumph."  Thanks to Lisa and her staff, my story had a happy ending with more than 500 pages and more than 100 photos that received a favorable response and sold quickly.'

Steve Fischer

When the Mob Ran Vegas: Stories of Money, Mayhem and Murder


“Lisa's sharp eye helped us add glitz to our book cover -- a perfect touch for our second printing. Yes, second printing, because with her marketing assistance, I was on the radio across the country promoting my book. Now I'm getting ready for my 17th printing. Let's just say she knows her stuff.”


Winner of ForeWord's Book of the Year Award and Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards (among many other accolades)

Chris Raabe

The New Phenomenon Trilogy (The New Phenomenon, On the Run, and End Game)


“What can I say about the team at Concierge? Well, it is simple. I had a great book that was poorly put together. They fixed what I thought had already been finalized by another person, and they showed me what real publishing of a book should look like and feel like. Concierge rocks! They answer questions, give the whole story, and they do it professionally and with the author in mind.”


Amazon Bestseller in Juvenile Fiction

Mike Echols

Your Future is Calling: A Practical Guide to the Education You Need to Have the Future You Desire


“The professional advice and support the Concierge Marketing team provided has proven invaluable in my publishing career.  All of the legal issues and filling actions are taken care of to the relief of the author.  The editing is professional while simultaneously protecting the author's writing style and book intent.  The support I have received has contributed to the successful publication of my book Your Future Is Calling.”


Bronze winner in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards

Kevin Walsh

Follow the Dog Home: How a Simple Walk Unleashed an Incredible Family Journey and The Perfect Catch: Fishing, Family and Friendship


“The staff at Concierge Marketing are fabulous to work with. Lisa and her gang are very in touch with changes happening in the publishing industry. Although we've never met face to face, I trust their judgment. Hope you'll consider CMI for your next project.”


Amazon Editor's Choice Book two months, and Amazon Bestseller in Memoirs and Dog Stories


Lou Rotella

The Little King and His Marshmallow Kingdom


“With Concierge Marketing’s help, we were able to release a world-class product that reaches all the corners of the globe. We’ve won gold medals in international competitions, we were a Golden Sower Nominee, we are the ‘it’ gift for Down Syndrome Associations across North America, and King Louie IV was even in a huge national fashion show fundraiser with Quincy Jones!”


Winner of a Gold Mom's Choice Award, Moonbeam Children's Award, and Golden Sower Nominee


Becky Crofoot

with Nancy Feldman, Family Medical History: Unknown/Adopted


“My co-author and I were lucky enough to know about Concierge Marketing before we started on our book journey.  It was great to have their services readily available to us and we are very pleased with the finished product.  We have had many compliments on the format and quality of the book.  Thank you very much to Lisa and crew!"


Joe Elsasser

Social Security Essentials


“Lisa and her team helped make a book project that had dragged along for way too long into a reality with a defined schedule and accountability to her team that I really needed.  Social Security Essentials would likely still be in draft were it not for Concierge Marketing!"


Finalist in Next Generation Indies Awards

Dean Kratz

Golf in the Nebraska Sand Hills: The Next Mecca for Golf


“We went from a Chevy Nova of a book to a Mercedes Benz with Golf in the Nebraska Sand Hills. Not only was it a lot of fun, but Lisa and her staff taught me just as much as I wanted to learn and then offered services for the rest to have a publishing program that is perfect for MY book.” 


Winner of a Silver Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Overall Redesign


Sally Deane Norton

Love You More and Someone I Love is Dying


“Dear Lisa and staff,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the work you did on both my books. The covers and  editing and marketing were more than I expected. You provided professional and personal service. I always feel very welcome and comfortable in your office. You went out of your way to help me get the product I wanted. You and your staff moved my books along with your creative genius! I couldn’t be happier. It’s nice to know you remain a phone call away. I feel I have a lifetime bond with Concierge Marketing!”


Karen Watson

Letting God See Me Naked


"I published my first book with a major publishing organization. I believed they had my best interest in mind. At first, the service was exceptional. Once I paid the publishing fee in full, I could barely reach anyone in customer service and, I later learned there were strict guidelines which allowed me no room for changes, based on the fees I had paid. I was referred to CMI by a co-worker who told me my experience would be different with Lisa. He was absolutely right! From the very beginning, Lisa explained everything I needed to know, before I paid her one penny. She listened very carefully to my goals and she never once has tried to over sell me. Lisa’s follow through and commitment has been exceptional and Concierge is like family to me. They not only helped me with learning how to “write my dreams”, but I am thankful for the wonderful cover designs, business logos, business cards, and event posters. Happy Anniversary Lisa and Concierge, I am a customer for life."

Kelly Wels

Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering


“Passion is the best way to describe the services of Concierge Marketing. Lisa Pelto and her staff are truly dedicated to making their clients’ dreams a reality. Concierge Marketing guides you step by step through the publishing process. They also really get to know you as an author and then they immerse themselves in your subject. Not only do they provide unmatched services in the industry but they educate you on the publishing process from beginning to end.”


Winner of a Gold Mom's Choice Award and Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval


Sherry Henig

Sara Makes Her Mother Proud and Learns Good Behavior, Group Rules, and Goodbye to Bedtime Fears


“Lisa Pelto and Concierge Marketing have provided me with a terrific resource for my work as an author and publisher. Lisa’s range of information about book-related issues, such as production and marketing, is enormous. I had published a children’s picture book that had a simple, but acceptable, cover, and had a mediocre interior that contained errors that were nearly imperceptible to my human eye. The book worked for me. But once Lisa made some changes to the interior and cover art, the book became a work of art. Everyone to whom I’ve shown the before and after is extremely impressed with the difference, and with the final outcome. And, it is no small feat that Lisa’s modifications are more in line with the needs of the printer.”


Winner of an Indie Excellence Award

David Kolowski

Diary of a Husker


“Lisa has the knowledge and the connections that can benefit any author at any level.  Not only have I seen first-hand how much money she has saved me compared to what I had done in the past, but I now have my own publishing company which allows me to do so many more things I never thought possible.  From the layout and design to the final product, Lisa was there every step of the way and made sure everything was perfect.  On top of that, her knowledge of advertising and marketing is unsurpassed for authors like myself, allowing me to now have a nationally distributed book.  It may take more time and more of an initial investment than other alternative routes, but the end result and the rewards are well worth it." 


Finalist in the Indie Excellence Award

Greg Roeszler

Coaching for a Bigger Win: A Playbook for Coaches


"Signing on with CMI was probably one of the best business decisions Playmakers Mentoring Foundation has made. And because we needed the books now, it was imperative that we not spend valuable time searching for a "mainstream publisher," and then undergo the lengthy publication process. CMI fit the bill perfectly. We knew what we wanted the book to look like and CMI helped us develop our ideas ~ and improve on them ~ so that what we ended up with was even better than we had imagined. Not only that, they have been a great help in so many other ways. Whenever we have a question, we automatically call them. Our first book is completed now, and we are eager to begin the next one ~ and yes, the one after that. Needless to say, we are counting on CMI to help us do exactly that." 


Jerzhy Knuteman

The Vatican Files


"Lisa Pelto did a phenomenal job helping me get my book ready for print publication. Her expertise in the field is second to none. They were instrumental in creating an appealing professional format for the book interior and cover design. Concierge Marketing delivers on their pledge to do things the right way at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend them." 


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