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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


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My book has already been edited. Why should I pay to have it edited again?


What are your editor's credentials? Has he worked in the book publishing industry, or is he an English teacher, making money on the side? Does he know how to develop a story -- even in non-fiction? Does he understand chapter order and flow? Our editors have decades of experience in book publishing. They've authored, edited and/or ghostwritten award-winning books in nearly every category of non-fiction and children's books. They have years of experience editing manuscripts, which become books, not newspaper or magazine articles. They are professional book editors. They will make suggestions to help your manuscript be better, more marketable, clearer and more organized. We try to match your manuscript up with the special expertise of someone in your specific genre when warranted -- but we always make sure you have a cleanly edited manuscript from which to start your publishing journey.


That said, no book is without error, and we don't guarantee you won't find a typo in your book -- but our editors make the mechanics of writing their priority. You won't be disappointed.

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