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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


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What is the difference between traditional publishing and


Traditional Publishing is where someone else picks up the bill and holds rights to your book and you collect royalties. Concierge Marketing helps authors design their query letters, find appropriate publishers to pitch and protect authors against predatory publishing practices. We also spend quite a bit of time wiping tears caused by rejections in this strategy!


Self-Publishing -- I call it Micro-Publishing, rather -- is where you hold the rights, you pay for everything, you control everything and you own everything. This is where we shine and where we love to help our authors. We do everything from the technical aspects of putting together your book; helping you understand and prepare for what is involved operationally, financially, and logistically (including formatting, production, printing, packaging, and more); creating a marketing and "visibility" strategy for you; and setting up distribution. Sometimes we do everything for an author, sometimes we teach them how to do it themselves and they make a small business out of it. (We handle all formats -- paperback, hardcover, e-book, audiobook, and virtually any other format that we can dream up that is appropriate for your book. We also can help you supply books on a just-in-time fashion, where the distributors aren't privy to the fact that you don't have thousands on hand and YOU don't have a garage full of books to contend with.)

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