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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


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Are you a vanity press?


No. A vanity press will publish anything on literally any topic regardless of the quality of writing or the book's marketability.


We won't publish a book that doesn't have a clear objective, or an author that refuses editorial assistance. We want to publish marketable, high quality books that sell for you.


We also won't publish obscene or objectionable material and we hold the right to determine what that is.


How do the vanity presses decide if they publish your book?


The answer is that they will publish your book if you have the money to pay for the project. The reasons vanity presses don't work for everyone are many. Here are a few:


1. The writing ability or credentials of an author, and the topic, the information, or the potential market are not necessarily important qualifications.


2. Few vanity presses have any significant editorial, design, or marketing support capabilities. In fact, for many of the vanity houses, spell check is considered editing.


3. Just as dangerous is the fact that many vanity houses send your book cover and interior to a foreign country for design without regard to cultural differences that might mean success or failure for your book.


We do all editing, proofing, layout and design, indexing, illustrations and printing with people we have long standing relationships with either on our staff or our partners. We are careful to do business with reputable companies that deliver the highest quality... always. We are also careful to select clients that have reputable.

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