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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)


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How do I get my book into Barnes and Noble and Amazon?


For the most part, your local bookstore may take your book. Barnes and Noble is a different animal.


Decide if you are marketing your book geographically -- your local bookstore for example. Does your book have interest to a specific group that may not be concentrated geographically? It's likely. So wider distribution is necessary to find your audience and be everywhere they expect you to be.


How do you get the attention of Barnes and Noble?


First of all, it has to be professionally produced and it also must meet some compliance issues: ISBN, professional and effective cover, well designed interior, etc. And you must have a relationship with a wholesaler or distributor before you submit to them. Then, you must have a marketing plan worked out. We can help you submit to Barnes and Noble for national distribution. Other independent bookstores usually require that you have a wholesale account with either Baker & Taylor or Ingram Book Group; however, you also can negotiate terms with indies too. (Hint: be sure you have written terms and policies so you offer them each the same terms.) can be confusing, but anyone can get their own book on Amazon. Enter and open up an account. You need a check routing number and account number.... then you just follow the instructions. If you need help, we're here.


We can help you with the bookstore process. It can be complex, but it is not impossible.

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