Secrets on Saulter Road: Discovering Hope and Forgiveness in the Wake of My Toxic Upbringing

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Nothing is ever as it seems…

Secrets on Saulter Road is a story of growth, resilience, and hope. With remarkable honesty and wit, author Joan Kendall nimbly explores her upbringing in the prim and proper segregated South during the 1950s with an outrageously unpredictable and destructive alcoholic mother.

Joan and her two sisters—Linda, the perplexing spendthrift, and Susan, the practical optimist—never knew which mother would appear on the scene: the charming Mary Poppins or the spiteful Cruella de Vil. Their loving father did his best, but behind closed doors, his criticism of their mother’s drinking fueled her bizarre and neglectful behaviors and further withdrawal into an ocean of whiskey.

The sisters often had each other’s backs, and the family maid and daytime buffer, Jadie Bell, provided a fortress in their domestic war. Although Jadie Bell loved them as her own, she could not rid their home of gloom and shame.

In Joan’s adulthood, a lamentable family secret is divulged, and the pain and trauma of the past becomes clear. In this beautifully written memoir, Joan reveals her own brokenness, and shares her path to redemption, healing, and joy.

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