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Concierge Marketing is preparing an anthology of poetry, prose and art.

Misbehaving Nebraskans: 
Writers & Artists Celebrate the State's 150th


Submission guidelines: You don't have to be a misfit, a reject or otherwise discombobulated to qualify for this book, but you MUST be a Nebraskan, native or current. Maximum word count 2,500 words per piece, not counting your bio. We prefer to receive unpublished work, but if your piece has been previously published elsewhere, you must obtain copyright permission in writing.

Submit poetry, prose or art plus a 100-word bio all together in one email per submission to Mention your Nebraska connection in your biography. 

Writers and artists whose work is chosen for this anthology will receive a free copy of the book. Additional copies may be purchased at a special discount. 

(Retail price TBD) 

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2017 

Publication date: August 30, 2017


Misbehaving Nebraskans Anthology ~ 2017

Accepting Manuscripts through June 15, 2017


Lisa Pelto, editor/publisher, and the staff of
Concierge Marketing Publishing Services announces their intent to publish a
200-page anthology on August 30, 2017.


Here are the rules… for those who simply must have rules!


Concierge Marketing Inc. Publishing Services is a book shepherding, consulting, designing, and packaging specialty house. We’ve been helping self-published and independent authors publish their work for over 30 years. In addition, CMI contributes many hours and thousands of dollars each year to helping under-served authors, or those who cannot afford the publishing options available.


There is no particular theme for our anthology, but as the title suggests, we are particularly focused on entries from those Nebraska authors that have not been previously published, or they have found other anthologies to be a poor fit for their particular theme or style of writing. We’re looking for the unusual, the off-beat, the experimental. We must have some rules of course, because some people just need them so they have something to try to break.


We are committing a budget of time and money marketing the anthology to spread the reach of the selected authors as far and wide as possible. Being selected for this anthology will allow you a writing credential, in addition to producing a nice product you can sell for a profit.


All entries are reviewed and scored by independent panelists appointed by CMI to judge the entries. The judges’ decisions are final. The editor doesn’t select the stories for publication; the editor edits.



Misbehaving Nebraskans

Submission Guidelines


CMI invites writers to submit original, works of poetry and prose, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as printable art pieces to the 2017 anthology. Submissions agree to one-time publication in this single volume, non-exclusive work. If the piece you are submitting has been previously published, you are required to submit a letter of permission or release from the previous publisher. All entries will be considered for publication the 2017 anthology. Judges, who are professionals in the field of publishing and writing, will rate and select the manuscripts for publication. The anthology is designed to be a 7x10 volume of approximately 200 pages (although we reserve the right to change that based on the shape of entries). Please read and apply the guidelines below.


General Submission Rules


  1. The deadline for all entries is June 15, 2017.

  2. Entries must be:

    1. in English.

    2. Either unpublished at the time of submission, or submitted with written permission from your previous publisher

    3. the original work of the entrant.

  3. Please provide a cover sheet in your attachment or in an informative email. Include the author’s name; address; phone number; email address; author biography in 100 words or less including your tie to Nebraska; designation of each piece as fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Use additional page if necessary. All entries may be included with one cover sheet.

  4. All written submissions should be submitted in Word and typed in a standard font with 1-inch margins top and bottom, and 1½-half inch margins left and right. Art should be printable, and submitted as a CMYK 300 dpi jpeg or tiff at a proportion of 7x10 (this piece will be printed in portrait format)

  5. Entries containing graphic pornography or violence, explicit, violent, or gratuitous sex, and racist or hate-filled content will not be accepted.

  6. Submission: Entries must be submitted via email so we have a digital copy.

    1. Email electronic copies as attachments, in Word or jpeg for art to

    2. In the subject line: Your name, Anthology submission.

    3. Do not put author’s name and contact information on the manuscript pages—personal information on cover sheet only.

  7. This contest is open to all writers and artists with ties to Nebraska.

  8. You may enter as many times as you wish.

  9. There are no fees for your entries. You will be paid in the form of a copy of the book for each piece of yours that is published in the book. You will receive a significant discount to purchase copies that you can sell, or give to your family and friends. We will have a product launch celebration for all entrants.

  10. Send us your best. Somebody must win.

  11. Submissions from all ages will be accepted, but understand that some content published may not be suitable for small children.

  12. Questions: may be addressed to


Additional Guidelines



  1. Poetry may be any form.

  2. Poetry may address any subject (except as noted in General Rule #5, above).

  3. No more than one entry per page, but may all be in same file.

  4. Lines should be single-spaced, with a double-space between verses, except in those that use space as part of their poetry.  Indicate your wish to have space set up as submitted, however we reserve the right to adjust for space.



  1. Prose will be limited to 2500 words; manuscripts over 2500 words will not be considered

  2. Stories may be on any subject (except as noted in General Rule #5, above).

  3. Paragraphs should have a first line indent, with one space after periods.

  4. Entries must be double-spaced.




All submissions are rated and selected by independent judges. The judges’ decisions are final. Judges may award up to three places, at their discretion, for overall winners. Honorable mentions will be awarded if indicated.  Winners and honorable mentions will be included in the publication.


(The editor is not a judge and does not select; the editor edits for publication. Editing includes the picky stuff, like making sure your quotes are headed the right direction.)




1st Place overall        $50

2nd Place overall      $30

3rd Place overall       $20

Honorable Mention  Certificates


A winners’ list will be sent to all participants by the end of July 2017. If you have not heard by July 20, 2017, email


By submitting to Misbehaving Nebraskans anthology, you give permission for your story to be published, unless you submit a withdrawal, in writing, by June 30, 2017.


Concierge Marketing Publishing Services applies one-time, non-exclusive rights. (This will include reprints of the anthology.) Simultaneous submissions are okay with us, but if you are selected for another publication, let us know no later than July 20th, in the event that that publication requires exclusive rights.


If your submission is chosen, you will receive one copy of the publication.

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